Help Asia Bibi

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Aasia Bibi, a christian Pakistani woman who spent eight years on death row after being accused of blasphemy.

The Pakistani government reached a deal with Islamists to restrict Ms Bibi's travel while the case is reviewed.

Ms Bibi, and other religious minorities, are in grave danger and prime minister Imran Khan needs to decide if he believes in the rule of law.

Ms Bibi was arrested in 2009, accused of insulting Islam's prophet during an argument with fellow farm workers and sentenced to death for blasphemy. Lawyers have denied she ever insulted Islam.

Campaigners have long-criticised Pakistan's blasphemy laws, saying they are misused to abuse religious minorities.

Pakistan's Supreme Court acquitted Ms Bibi on Wednesday, upholding the law but saying there was not enough evidence to convict her.

The lives of Asia Bibi and her family are in danger as long as she remains in Pakistan, as the protests following the verdict have shown.

Please help her with this Petition. We can‘t watch as islamists determine the law in Pakistan. Aasia Bibi is a Pakistani women and as must be protected by the law as well.