Open Western Australia's border

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We are giving a voice to those who feel that the hard border closure should be lifted. We are Australians, not just West Australians, we are one nation. As Australians we have the right as stated in the constitution to move freely around our country. Under Section 117 of The Constitution, borders may be closed to protect its people from the risk of injury, from inbound goods, animals and people under an announced State of Emergency. Section 92 states that "trade, commerce, and intercourse (movement or travel) among the states, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free.  Australia, including Western Australia is NO LONGER in a State of Emergency.  Working  together needs to be TOGETHER.

1. The original stated goal was to flatten the curve, suppression not eradication. With 60 days of no community transmission, this has been achieved.
2. Unemployment is the highest in Australia here in Western Australia, with key sectors such as tourism, hospitality, sporting and entertainment, suffering with border closures.
3. Job keeper will finish in September, industries such as tourism, hospitality, and entertainment and sporting events will be even more at risk.
4. International students are waiting on some certainty - these too are a key source of income for the state.
5. It is a virus, with no guarantee of a vaccine. It will be normal to continue to have cases, so long as our healthcare system can manage, we need to find a way of resuming normality.
6. Very few affected with the virus even need hospital intervention and with just 102 deaths recorded nationally, most of whom were elderly.
7. All other states and territories have named a date for opening borders except WA.
It’s time to reunite families across Australia, especially those FIFO workers whose work has continued to benefit the state but who have not been able to see their families for months.