West Australians Urge Premier McGowan to Ban Fracking Across the State

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We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Premier of Western Australia to enforce a full Statewide ban on the fracking industry.

November 27th 2018, the Western Australian government swiftly lifted the moratorium in place (which was initiated to investigate the process of fracking; it was due to cease in 2020) and gave support to the fracking industry.  This quick decision was made in the face of mounting public and independent scientific criticism of the industry. 

It was announced that over 5,100,000 hectares of rural land would now open for fracking within the Mid West, Pilbara an Kimberly regions. 

Many communities across this vast State are opposed to the industry.  Across Western Australia, 24 communities have been surveyed. The results of these thorough surveys revealed that residents overwhelmingly (averaging 95.71%) want to remain free of gas fields. 

Some of these resilient communities include: Bibby Springs, Carnamah, Cervantes, Capel, Forest Grove, Eneabba, Stirling Estate, Brunswick, Moora, Hill River, Caversham East, Exmouth, Leeman, Coral Bay, North Boyanup, Stratham, The Vines, Upper Chittering, Irwin, Jurien Bay, Greenhead, Quedjinup, Dandaragan and Greenough Central.

Personally, I live in one of these small communities called Eneabba.  It's placed at ground zero for future fracking development with exploration leases already established.  People here are rightfully concerned that their safe drinking water will become contaminated and pose risks to both personal health and livestock health.  The industry has said there are risks.  That in itself would give any reasonable person doubts.

In September this year, over 50 influential doctors, economists, professors, scientists and executives, jointly signed an open letter to the Premier and Ministers calling for a full ban on the practice of fracking in Western Australia.

Ironically, despite being told the practice is low risk, several areas have had full bans imposed including; The South West, Peel, Metropolitan Perth and The Dampier Penninsula. 

Why isn't the government prepared to look out for all of us?

The inquiry has not considered research that assesses the long-term damage to our drinking water, economy, tourism, agriculture, environment, communities and personal health.

We all care about the future of this State; it's water resources, ecology, Aboriginal heritage sites, farmers rights, agriculture, economy and tourism destinations.

We sign this petition to help make it known to Premier, Mark McGowan that he and the government have the unique opportunity to help the people and put in place a full ban on this industry across this entire State. 

Let's protect every citizen in this State from the negative impacts of this risky industry.

Thank you,

The Concerned Citizens of Western Australia & Beyond

You've signed, what can you do now?

If you have signed this petition and want to take the next step to support it, please call the Premier's Office: (08) 6552 5000 and ask that he accept the petition and meet with farmers from the Mid West, who have already submitted a formal request to meet.