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Stand down Basil Zempilas

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Basil Zempilas was newly appointed as Lord Mayor of Perth merely a week ago. Prior to being appointed he already made disgusting and shameful comments about the homeless of Perth and how he will be pushing to have them kicked out of the city. 

He has now followed this up with hateful, bigoted and appalling comments about trans and non binary people on the 6PR radio station. Including but not limited to “any women with a penis call the station and we will give you a $100 gift card!” 

This is not how a Lord Mayor should be acting, this is not how any person in power or not in power even, should be portraying any other human being regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, race, this is 2020 not the 1950s! Who is next on Mr Zempilas list, women, children, the disabled, when and where will be stop??? 

The Lord Mayor should be stood down and boycotted. The premier should be getting involved with this and some action needs to be taken, his pathetic excuse of an apology is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Trans and non binary, we stand with you, you are loved and cared for.

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