Save Moora College

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The closure of Moora Residential College, a public accommodation facility for remote and isolated students, at the end of 2018 will see current students without accommodation to continue their studies at CMSHS.

Central Midlands Senior High School is the only Public Senior High School between Geraldton and Perth offering studies including ATAR, VET and Cert studies to Year 12 with in class teachers. 

A projected loss of $350,000 in funding to CMSHS with the loss of students and additional loss to the town of up to $2m from the economy in the first year as well as the loss of whole families in continuing years moving elsewhere to obtain a better education for the children will affect us all.

The ripple effect caused by this one small decision to close our boarding facilities has the ability to decimate our school, our town and indeed our entire region within a few short years.

The McGowan government refuses to acknowledge not only the impact this decision will on all of those involved, but also the true cost saving - ZERO.

Funding follows the students, therefore there are no cost savings or budget repair to this cut - only heartbreak for the kids and families involved.

We have successfully argued all of their points on the reasons for closure but the government does not wish to lose face by admitting they have made another mistake.

We need your help to make them see it is not okay to use political tactics to interfere with a child’s education no matter whether 26 or 2600!

If you make a mistake, own it and move on - it’s that simple - we won’t go away, only get louder!

Please sign our petition and share with your friends to show Mr McGowan and our current government that this decision is cruel and unnecessary.

More info is available on our website and you can find us on Facebook-Save Moora College, Twitter @savemoorarc and Instagram Save Moora College