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Open Studios

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Started by Giulia Tripoli

Excerpt from :

“Open Letter From A Dance Studio Owner”



Dance studios are more than just walls, floors and mirrors. They are the life force, the air that so many breathe to survive. They are havens for those who can’t go home safely. Spaces to grow for those who can’t be themselves in schools or at work. Beacons of discovery for those who have lost their way. Dance studios promote healthy bodies through movement, healthy minds through creativity and healthy hearts through community. 

For many, dance is essential. We are essential. 

Now we have been asked to close again and it is our turn to ask - How do you expect us to come back from this? How do you expect us to keep doing what you ask despite the destructive and harmful impact that this is having not only our financial well-being but our emotional one? We follow the rules because we are part of society yet we are not allowed to complete our function in that society.

We are asking to re-open the businesses that have followed the rules. Businesses who will continue to operate safely. Businesses who will continue to provide a safe space. Businesses who will continue to improve our community’s mental health and physical strength.

This is what dancers are asking of us. This is what we are asking of you. We are barely surviving.

Please do what we ask.


En 2022, nous vous demandons la réouverture des entreprises qui ont respecté les règles. Des entreprises qui continueront de fonctionner en toute sécurité. Des entreprises qui continueront un espace sécuritaire. Des entreprises qui continueront d’améliorer la santé mentale et la force physique de notre collectivité.


C’est ce que les danseurs nous demandent. C’est ce que nous vous demandons. Nous survivons à peine. C’est la cinquième vague.


Faites ce qu’on vous demande.

2,584 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!