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End Daylight Savings in British Columbia 2017!

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Change is in the air.... if we act now. This September, Mayors from the Union of B.C. Municipalities, passed a resolution calling on the provincial government to hold public consultations "with a view to abolishing" the biannual time change.  On September 28, 2017, British Columbia Premier John Horgon, put a call out to the people BC to receive feed back about ending daylight savings. Please stand with us to end the practice of day-light savings time in BC.

Many of us look toward the daylight savings time changes with loathing, resistance, and out right grumpiness. It is a challenge for ourselves and most especially our children. It also subtly removes us from the natural rhythms of the seasons and further disconnects us from the living intelligence of the Earth. It is a hangover paradigm from WW1 Germany that epitomizes the mechanistic world view of modernity, which values perceived "productivity" over the health, wellbeing, and happiness of the people.

Studies have shown that this practice contributes to increased stress, sleep and health challenges that actually have life and death consequences.  One study showed that "during the first week of DST in March, there's also a spike in heart attacks according to a study in the The American Journal of Cardiology (and other previous studies). Researchers suspect the link is because an hour of less sleep increases stress and provides less time to recover overnight." This in addition to a 20% increase in car crashes the Monday morning following the spring time changes. "Researchers have theorized that having DST all year round (never changing the time during the year) could decrease deaths from traffic accidents — saving up to 366 lives, according to a 2004 study in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention."

The studies that show that there are supposed benefits of energy reduction by the practice of daylight savings are contradictory, and in light of the amount of human lives lost each year, superficial at best. 

Lets return to the beauty of one time all year, it feels good and is natural. This act is a simple yet powerful way to remember our connection to the rhythms of nature, and the harmony that this connection can bring in mind, body, and emotions. 

Please sign this petition to End Day Light Savings. In addition to this if you have a few moments please write personally to Premier John Horgon to let him know how you feel at




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