Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

June 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by shannon rancourt

Fairy Creek is a magical place, where 1000 year old Yellow Cedars tower over a pristine, biologically diverse ecosystem.  This is home to a vast array of rare and endangered species including the iconic and federally protected Western Screech Owl.  They nest in old growth forests and the spring is nesting season.  During the last week of May as 100’s of protesters tried to protect this important habitat from destruction, the logging continued.  A friend who was in Fairy Creek spoke with a young man whose passion is bird watching.  She encountered him standing in an area that had been freshly clear cut.  He had been there just prior to the area being destroyed and had seen at least 2 dozen Screech Owls,  Now the trees in which they lived had been cut down and these threatened owls and their owlets had simply disappeared.   The magic of Fairy Creek is rapidly being destroyed by the lumber company Teal-Jones and an uncaring and unresponsive provincial government led by John Horgan.   Premier Horgan came to power with the promise to stop logging of old growth forest, under his tenure approvals for logging in old growth forests has increased by 43%. Horgan was elected on lies!

Greed and lies have allowed this incredibly unique ecosystem to be destroyed as we all watch in horror.

Things you need to know about BC’s old growth forests and the logging that’s destroying them:

Only 2.7 % of old growth forests remain in British Columbia. If we do nothing it will all be gone in the next decade.  In 2020, the provincial government promised to protect old growth forests and 92% of British Columbians want them protected

BC’s old growth forests are among the most bio diverse on the planet and store more carbon per hectare than any other ecosystem in the world.

When an old growth forest is clearcut almost 80% of the carbon they were storing is released. 

Hundred and sometimes thousands of years old, old growth trees support a massive underground network of fungi, guiding nutrients and water between multiple species, they literally keep the forest alive.  These giant tress are called the Guardians of the Forest for a reason

The forests that are replanted are monocultures with almost no biodiversity and have a drastically reduced capacity to store carbon.  They will never be a replacement for an old growth forest.

It’s wrong to make indigenous people decide between economic stability and destroying their land.  There are sustainable alternatives to support First Nations and workers who depend on logging to make a living.  Transition plans, economic alternatives and conservation financing have been ignored by the Horgan government. 

The RCMP is blocking the media from covering the story at Fairy Creek.  They have threatened to use rubber bullets and 140 members of the media as well as indigenous land defenders have been arrested.

Residential schools were created to remove indigenous people from their land.  John Horgan's is actively working to deny indigenous rights, destroy indigenous lands and imprison indigenous people who stand in the way of the loggers

This is not only a Canadian problem, but a global problem.  The fate of old growth stands have global implications.  Forests scrub 1/3 of human caused carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere every year and old growth forests are the work horses.  Although only representing 3% of all forests, studies show they may store over 50% of the carbon.  The value of old growth tress left standing is far greater than the value of those trees as timber products.

Teal-Jones has been accused of felling trees that were designated protected because of their age and size.  This is breaking provincial laws and the laws of the Nuxalk people who inhabit the land on which many of these old growth forests reside

Teal-Jones has taken down their FaceBook page and the comments page on their website.  They are not taking calls from the public or the media, they are simply avoiding all communications and defying demands to respond to public outcry, all while they continue to cut.

You are NOT powerless please:

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Old growth forests work hard for us, now we have to work hard for them.

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Signatures: 550Next Goal: 1,000
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