Lowest wage Health & Social Service workers are not getting Federal/B​.​C. Pandemic Pay!

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This week the BC Government announced pandemic pay for front line health and social service workers. We have found out that Home Share Caregivers who are essential front line workers who provide direct support to people with developmental disabilities in their home are not eligible. Home share Caregivers have been self isolating for over 70 days working 24/7. The people they support usually have day workers who take them out during the week but with self isolation this is not happening. Home share Caregivers have been given very little compensation for the extra work they are required to provide and it is not near the wages or the $4.hr top up that other workers in the field will be receiving.

When the federal government who is supplying 75% of this funding made the announcement they implied it was for low income and minimum wage workers. Home Share Caregivers make less than minimum wage and have no benefits.  Great sacrifices have been made by Home Share Caregivers as many of them have had to leave their other employment so that they can take care of the people in their care. 

We are asking you to sign this petition to let the BC Government know that Home Share Caregivers deserve the $4.hr top up just like the other Community Living BC workers. We are not asking for extra we just want to be treated the same.