Inclusive & Accessible Education in BC

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100s of BC families are not being provided accessible education options by their school districts. Government needs to take action now and ensure no child is left behind!

We are asking the public and families in need to support the request made by Kaye Banez and AutismBC in their letter to the Minister of Education Rob Fleming.

We need:

  • Access to inclusive education for all students
  • A home(remote) learning program for all students unable to attend in class
  • A home learning program provided by a student's current school team
  • Access to supports (funding) students are entitled to as outlined in their IEP.
  • Clear direction, support and rules for all school districts to support students and ensure access to remote learning while remaining connected to their school community

If a student's school is unable to provide adequate supports or remote learning we ask that students with an autism diagnosis have access to the autism funding provided to the Ministry of Education. Every child is entitled to access and use the funds provided to them in a meaningful and timely manner.

Kaye Banez Letter to Minister of Education

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