Homeschooled Student’s Mental Health is Important Too! Please allow Cohort Groups for them

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Earlier today Premier Jason Kenney made it clear that students mental health is important in part of his decision to have students resume in class learning at schools. 

Homeschooled students mental health is also important. We are asking that Homeschooled students are given access to Cohort groups.

Homeschool students normally  have access to numerous recreational activities, clubs, groups and lessons but with the lock downs this year they have been extremely isolated. 

If public school students are able to attend school in cohort classes of up to 30+ students we are asking that homeschool students be granted access to cohorts as well. 

Our children are already less at risk of exposure and far less likely to spread covid compared to public school children as they spend significantly more time at home with only their own family than children attending in person classes. 

Please consider the mental health of homeschooled students. 

Thank You