Demand apologies from Premier Kenney to Melanee Thomas, Jillian Ratti, and Barb Silva.

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On numerous instances, Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, and staff for Premier Kenney’s government have unduly and irresponsibly singled out and attacked private citizens of Alberta for being vocally critical of the province’s current UCP government. In each case, the behaviour of the Premier and his staff have constituted an unprecedented and troubling use of the authority vested in their public roles to silence critics and create a public chill surrounding healthy democratic debate in the province. 

On November 25, 2019, Premier Kenney inappropriately questioned Professor Melanee Thomas’ academic credibility and infringed on the freedom of academic expression responding to a question in the Legislature during question period. The Premier’s comments, which were made on the public record, were roundly seen as highly problematic and prejudicial, and prompted a letter from more than 600 Academics across Canada supporting Professor Thomas and condemning Premier Kenney. 

On December 16, Premier Kenney’s Executive Director of Issues Management, Matt Wolf, singled out and attacked Dr. Jillian Ratti for video commentary she made that was critical of Premier Kenney’s UCP government. Wolf also singles out Barb Silva for retweeting Ratti’s video. The Twitter account used by Mr. Wolf identifies him in his official and professional capacity as the, “Executive Director of Issues Management for the Premier of Alberta”.

While the actions of Premier Kenney and his staff, as well as the associated harm those actions have generated, cannot be undone, a responsible means of attempting to address the harm and make the affected individuals whole is to have Premier Kenney publicly and formally apologize to each of Professor Melanee Thomas, Dr. Jillian Ratti, and Barb Silva. This petition is calling on him to do just that.