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Say NO!! to class differences - the rich can afford extra insurance.....most cannot.

Injured people should not have to subsidize the bad drivers.

Our provincial government is seriously considering bringing in legislation that would cap - limit - the amount of compensation that ICBC would have to pay to the innocent victims of motor vehicle accidents.  These caps would apply to pain and suffering compensation for soft tissue injuries, most commonly affecting the back and neck.  The government and ICBC are looking at what’s been done in Alberta - where the maximum amount paid out for these injuries is currently around $5,000.00.  Now, until recently, ICBC was making big profits.  So big in fact that the previous government siphoned off about $1.3 billion from the Corporation.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of crashes.  Distracted driving is a major cause of this.

No one wants to see our insurance rates skyrocket.  But it’s not right to penalize the innocent victims of car crashes to control increasing rates.  Drivers who cause these accidents - which are entirely avoidable in so many cases - should simply have to pay more.  Injured people should not have to subsidize the bad drivers.

 To sell these caps, the government will characterize the injuries as ‘minor’.  There is nothing ‘minor’ about enduring months and even years of pain which interferes with so many aspects of our daily lives.  It is simply not fair.  If you feel strongly about the proposed caps PLEASE contact your local MLA and the premier; tell them that you oppose any plan to cap or limit fair compensation for the victims of someone else’s bad driving.  We only have a few short weeks to create this pressure. Here are some links to help you get this message across:

 To contact your MLA go to:

Across the country, there are "no-fault" horror stories of victims who have lost everything because of someone else's negligence. BC is the greatest place on earth and there is no sane reason to join other provinces in a race to the bottom.

"No-fault" and "caps" jurisdictions entrench class differences too. The rich can afford their own extra insurance to cover themselves if someone else hurts them...but that is sadly out of reach for the most vulnerable members of our society.

Shame on the NDP for even thinking about selling out the people of this province who are already struggling with high costs for housing, food, and services. Now they expect people to find money to buy their own extra insurance to protect their families against texters, drunk drivers, and reckless or careless drivers.

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