The Mission Bridge - Renaming to "PATCHES THE BRIDGE"

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The Mission Bridge is a steel girder bridge across the Fraser River, linking the District Of Mission to the City of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. The bridge is measured at 3,695 feet (1,126.2 m) long and is the only direct road link between the two communities.

The Mission Bridge has long been plagued with Potholes, since the day of opening, and has been the cause of countless accidents, and damages to constituent vehicles. 

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Our Petition: Clearly, the Province does not have the money to fix these problems, so we are looking at an alternative solution, that will cost virtually no money at all. We seek to rename this span to "Patchy the Bridge", to celebrate its potholes in all their glory.

Please help sign our petition to make this happen, and give this bridge span the name it truly deserves!




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