JUSTICE for elderly couple abused by police in Ajax, Ontario 2018

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An elderly Black couple was abused and assaulted in Ajax Ontario, at the Lakeridge Health Ajax Pickering Hospital on the evening of October 30th, 2018. Livingston Jeffers and his wife Pamelia went to the emergency room because Mrs. Jeffers was throwing up and suffering from insomnia. After having waited for several hours, they asked the examining doctor if they could leave and return the next day and were told they could.

As the couple exited the hospital, a nurse followed them and tried to get them to come back. Two Durham Regional Police officers who were nearby named ALEX EDWARDS AND LYAN DUSKO then intervened. They held Mr. Jeffers on the ground, one officer lying on top of him as the other beats on him. Mrs. Jeffers is also being held and is screaming at this point. Mr. Jeffers was also struck on his head repeatedly until he was semi-conscious. His jacket was torn at the armpit and his face was swollen and bloodied, the officer told him “that’s what you get for fighting us”.

The staff did nothing. The officers claim Mr. Jeffers attempted to disarm the police officer. There is video footage online, some security surveillance and another recording made by a witness so please go get informed. It is evident this was yet another case of police brutality. The couple is being represented by lawyer Faisal Kutty. They are seeking justice and have filed criminal charges against the officers. We need to protect our black community members and make our and their cries heard. No justice, no peace.