Reverse your decision & allow goalie Stephanie Labbé to play with Calgary Foothills FC

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Goalie Stephanie Labbé was recently selected by the Calgary Foothills FC Soccer Club to play goalie for the team, but The Premier Development League will not honour their selection, refusing to allow her to play in the league, simply because she is a woman. 

This decision by the PDL sends an unacceptable message to girls around the world, including my 13 year-old daughter who plays in a U14AA competitive girls league, that they will not be treated equally in soccer... even if they prove their abilities equal to those of men.

The Premier Development League has their annual general meeting in December 2018, which is the only time this decision can be appealed. A petition of support for her could help sway their decision, making history by supporting her to become the first woman to play in the PDL.

Stephanie earned her spot with Calgary Foothills FC Soccer Club during recent tryouts based on her skill and merit, and had already made some great saves during pre-season games. Despite the decision by the PDL, the team will continue to support Stephanie by including her in training with them throughout this season.

I was fortunate to make a feature documentary about the Canadian women's national soccer team a couple years ago, titled RISE. During the years that I followed the team for the film, I witnessed the incredibly selfless, passionate and determined dedication by these young women, including Stéphanie, who train just as hard, yet still make a fraction of the income of men. 

"There are moments that stick with us for life, and I believe this is one of them for me. We let others tell us what path we can or can not take or we find a new one on our own. This may be the first road block, but hearing “no” doesn’t mean the end, it just means we have to find a diversion around the problem... Whether it is for me or for a young girl who has followed my journey and one day dreams of forging her own path, I will join her fight. Because no one should ever have an opportunity denied solely because of their gender."
- Stephanie Labbé (

Please sign and share this petition to support Stephanie Labbé's groundbreaking efforts and pressure the PDL to reverse their decision -- which would send a positive message to girls everywhere, that any dream is possible... including those that would make them the very first to make it come true. #HeForShe #TimesUp

 Photo credit: Jason Franson/Canadian Press via Associated Press