We Want Closer Commutes for 10,000 Drivers in BC

We Want Closer Commutes for 10,000 Drivers in BC

March 20, 2018
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Premier of BC Hon. David Eby
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bruce Batchelor

As you likely know, transportation is BC's largest contributor to CO2 emissions. Transportation is also one of the biggest expenses in most families' budget, and it is getting ever more expensive.

Right now, the BC Government is assessing how to reach its CleanBC transportation targets for much lower vehicle-kilometres-travelled (VKT) and a major shift to more walking, biking and transit use. To reach those targets, the team drafting the Clean Transportation Action Plan is considering our proposed trip reduction program for BC – "TRP4BC".

Over the past ten years, an informal collective of consultants from many disciplines and non-profit groups have been collaborating to research and develop a bold and comprehensive initiative to reduce unwanted, unnecessary, inefficient, unfair, unhealthy and costly trips for BC citizens. There has been first-in-the-world development of apps and the operational approach, built on a solid foundation of extensive research.

TRP4BC has endorsements from dozens of entities and experts. Notably, in its official plan, Metro Vancouver is advocated that the BC Government "require all large employers and major trip generators in BC" to take action on reducing single-occupancy-vehicle travel associated with their employees's commuting, travel by their clientele (think students, patients, customers, attendees, etc.), and local shipping & delivery.

If the Clean Transportation Action Plan does include a commitment to TRP4BC, we could see a "soft launch" as soon as this autumn with select major players in the health and education sectors... leading steadily to shorter commutes and healthier, more affordable travel choices for tens of thousands of BC citizens... eventually positively impacting every person and every business and service in BC and our environment.

[Former-] City of Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps says about Closer Commutes: "This innovation has the potential for business to continue to support transportation solutions and save money/ create efficiencies/ increase employee well-being at the same time." We agree, Lisa! 

To read our submission to the BC Clean Transportation Action Plan, use this link:

Here's a video explaining the impact that TRP4BC will have:
“10 impact stories” www.vimeo.com/699126615


Please sign the petition today to support positive change. Then share with your co-workers, family, neighbours – everyone you know. Let's blow this up and get to tens of thousands of signatures... to make sure we'll start seeing the first wave of the thousands of closer commutes and other trips in 2024.

Please sign, share and then go to closercommutes.org for more info and steps you can take.

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Signatures: 1,720Next Goal: 2,500
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