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Premier Communities & HLHOA Board Members: Answer the 14 Home Owner Questions about the operation of our HOA


It's time for the Board Members and Premier to open up closed meetings and operate with complete transparency.

Letter to
Premier Communities & HLHOA Board Members
Star-Telegram Susan McFarland
State Representative Giovanni Capriglione
We want answers the following 14 Home Owner Questions e-mailed to Premier Communities on March 12th at the annual meeting to be held on March 19th about the operation of our HOA. (see below)

Questions Hidden Lakes Home Owners want answered at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

We, the named persons below, as Class A members of the Hidden Lakes Home Owner’s Association request that the following questions be answered at our Annual Meeting of Home Owners on March 19th of the year 2013.

#1 Please describe in detail the history of our HOA including the original Developer, Declarant and Board Members including any and all sales, transfers, addendums, elections and Board appointments.

#2 Please explain the rationale as to why the Declarant/Developers continue to want to control our HOA after 16 years after it’s formation and what is the current planned time frame for the Declarant/Developers to voluntarily relinquish control of our HOA and turn it over to the Hidden Lakes Home Owners to operate?

#3 Why does the Board of Directors continue to hold closed session meetings at secret locations and unspecified times and why is the HOA no longer holding monthly open Committee Chair meetings as was promised?

#4 Why is an election not taking place this year to fulfill the promise of more home owner Board Members by Board Member, Elby Beal, back on May 22, of 2012?

#5 Why is the Board operating our HOA without any input from any home owner volunteers including the complete lack of involvement of our only 3 remaining active volunteer committees? (Long Range, Safety & Yard of the Month)

#6 Why is the Board approving additional expenditures on tasks that used to be performed by volunteers and why is the Board and Premier refusing home owner volunteer assistance to perform those tasks?

#7 What is the complete financial and operational impact of the Board’s decision to eliminate 5 committees and over 20 volunteers as well as change from two (2) on-site home owner part time managers to a single (1) off site non-home owner manager? Please list all tasks we are now paying additional fees for that we were not paying for before.

#8 Why did Premier and the Developers appoint and direct a group of home owners to learn how to operate as a home owner board, then make plans and sign contracts without their input on major projects including the spending of the HOA’s gas lease monies?

#9 What amount has the Board approved to spend, and have already spent to date, from our HOA Gas Lease Monies on the community wide landscape upgrade project? What is the expected overall expected cost upon completion of that project?

#10 What gives the Developers the right to continue being on and operating our Board since the named Declarant in our CCRs, Hidden Lakes Partners, no longer exists according official documents obtained from the state of Texas?

#11 What authority, statute or regulation gives the current Developer Board members the legal right to name themselves to the Board of Directors of our HOA, as was discovered in an official documents filed with Tarrant County, which also happens to be notarized by a principal Board Member notated on the official document?

#12 Please list all payments that have been paid to friends, family, and staff of all Board Members and Premier staff for the last 3 years, on behalf of our Hidden Lakes HOA, including, but not limited to; all contractors, lawyers, collection companies, and project managers.

#13 Please explain in detail the relationship between Premier and Red Rock (our collection agency) including, but not limited to, any related companies that may be registered in Nevada, Florida and in Canada.

#14 When does Premier’s management contract expire and will that contract be put out for bid?

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