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The government of BC, Premier Christy Clark and BC Hydro have illegally begun construction of the Site C Dam while cases against it are pending in the Supreme Court of Canada and British Columbia Supreme Court. 

The construction of this dam also breaches the agreement between BC's First Nations People set out in treaty 8 signed in 1911. The government in BC is intentionally ignoring the rights of the areas First Nations People to hunt, fish, and trap on their land and is destroying the area without proper consultation and consent. The government also has plans to flood the area that is home to sacred burial and ceremonial sites of the First Nations People.

The government, in building this dam will flood vast tracts of grade 1 agricultural land. The Peace River Valley is the only land in the north that contains alluvial soil, flooding this land will deny residents future food sustainability. It is agreed by many experts and cited by these experts that this valley has the potential to feed one million people when and if that need arises. 

The government is forcing area residents from their homes, farms and ranches, taking away their livelihoods and earning ability. Some of the farms and ranches have been established and have flourished for 100 years.

The government, in flooding great tract of boreal forest, old growth forest and wetlands is destroying the local environment. Their plans to cut down and desecrate these vital forests that take carbon and pollutants from the air and store it, then replace it with a reservoir that emits carbon and methyl mercury thus polluting our local environment. 

The government, in building this dam is destroying the habitat of thousands of species of birds, raptors, ungulates, bears and many more too numerous to list. It will also cut off the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor, which is the only remaining migratory corridor through the Rocky Mountains. Many of the animals are endangered and are protected.

The government, in building this dam, will do irreparable harm to the Peace Athabasca Delta. The Peace river feeds the PAD on it's northern boundary and because of the two existing dams, the Pad is in great peril and is already dying up. The PAD, the Peace River Valley and the river itself all play a key role in the diversity and sustainability of the wild life population and the migratory process.

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