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Ban all Trophy Hunting

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For too long Canada has allowed locals and attract tourists from around the world to pay large sums of money to  hunt Grey Wolves, Cougars, Grizzly Bears and others purely for sport.  Like baiting a trap to shoot a bear while sitting in the tree above is sporting.

Claims that this is done for population control has been proven false and arguments that it has economic value is even more flawed.  The idea that we can compromise our ethics, morals or values because it has a dollar value attached to it is as obscene as the hunt itself.

There is also overwhelming evidence that there is more value in tourism in shooting these animals with a camera instead of a gun.

As Canadians we must demand the government to do away with something that over  90% of the population is against.

The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) has just released its second assessment of the status of Canada’s iconic grizzly bear. The report found that while many parts of Canada support healthy grizzly populations, 16 subpopulations in western Alberta and southern B.C. are at risk of continued decline and eventual extinction. COSEWIC concluded that the grizzly bear is a species of “Special Concern” that should be listed under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.  ( David Suzuki Foundation )

For foreigners, by signing this petition you are telling our government that you will boycott Canada and will not bring your tourist dollars until trophy hunting of these beautiful animals is stopped.

Please sign the petition and/or contact Christy Clark  at

premier @gov .bc .ca 

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