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Petitioning Premier Campbell Newman and The Liberal-National Party

Restore Altruistic Surrogacy Laws and Civil Unions for same-sex couples.

Marriage and starting a family is a human right between any two consenting adults that love each other - regardless of gender or sexual orientation. LOVE is LOVE - it has no barriers.

When Campbell Newman and the LNP were elected in March, the Premier dismissed suggestions of change to the Civil Union and Surrogacy laws once elected.
Now in a midnight move, passed at 12.25am, the Government has made big changes to civil partnerships laws, removed state-sanctioned ceremonies
and renamed the scheme as a relationship register. They have also removed rights for same-sex couples, single parents and de-facto partners less than 2 years to be able to enter an altruistic surrogacy arrangement.

Our state is in a position to demonstrate and lead burgeoning democracies all over the world. Let us show that we accept each individual's choice to have a lifelong relationship based on love, commitment, responsibility and respect. And that within a relationship based on these values, there is the human right to start a family.

Restore the Altruistic Surrogacy Laws Campbell Newman.
Reinstate Civil Unions for same-sex couples LNP.

Let us show the world that in everyway - all love is equal.


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  • Premier Campbell Newman and The Liberal-National Party

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