Premier of N.B. and Minister of Health must Keep the Fredericton Detox Center open.

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The decision to close the Fredericton Detox temporarily is unacceptable.

Just how many Nurses work at this 10 bed Detox on one shift ? There are LPN`s, Attendents, Assistents, Social Worker and a Dr., who works directly with the Detox patients. In our opinion, this is a terrible, oppressive, and degrading decision by the Higgs Government. People asking for help and entry into the Detox are sick - to say these people are going to be transferred to Moncton, Saint John or Miramichi Detox is asking for a lot of trouble and unnecessary costs - mostly to the patient. The individual in withdrawal may have a seizure and or another medical emergency along the way. Are the people transferring trained to take care of people in withdrawal? How absurd is this Health Care decision - or lack thereof .Premier Blaine Higgs needs to intervene and reverse this horrific decision. Patients in the Fredericton Victoria Health Center Detox, have their family and friends around them and the support of all 12 step programs right in the building. 

Women and men who are single parents will perhaps die in their addiction-rather than be transferred to another City in NB-and leave their children. The meagre amount of money saved by closing the Fredericton Detox probably will cost someone their life. Government needs to cut somewhere else...these people needing help for addiction have been hurt deeply enough. 

Common Sense needs to prevail and we need to keep the Detox open permanently.