A brain that is attacking it's host is more painful & deadlier than any disease known.

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We are faced with an epidemic of severe mental health illness. A huge segment of our population have their brains turning against them, some daily, some periodically. This should be treated no differently than someone who has their immune system turning against them resulting in cancer, diabetes, MS, or any other disease.  Our government needs to address this deadly disease with the same gusto and financial assistance as it does with other critical illnesses.

Sadly, we watch, listen, cry, scream, then too often, we mourn. Our loved ones struggle with trying to keep control of a brain that is sending untrue and mix messages, making them fearful and anxious, causing them to lose sleep, not eat, or over eat, unable to face the world, totally void of happiness. Even though they have so much to give and so much love surrounding them, they can't feel or believe it. Their  illness rages out of control and there is little help from our medical system.

This has to change! And sooner, rather than later, enough studies, enough stalling, we need action. Our province has to provide an arsenal of treatments and have it like other treatments 'FREE'.  As individuals react differently to treatment, every single treatment option should be available to anyone suffering from this hidden disease. 

Some people respond well to antidepressants, many don't. In fact, many find themselves far worst off with drugs, others have committed suicide or have hurt others, many cases have been reported. One drug, ibogaine, that has boasted huge success with mental illness has been deemed illegal in Canada (since 2017). This needs to be investigated and re-established in Canada.

Psychotherapy has been helpful for some, but not near as effective as one would hope. Mayo Clinic, among others, have some success with electroconvulsive (ECT) therapy. A fairly new type of psychotherapy, which is reportedly having success, is called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

I'm not a doctor, I am a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, and friend of those have who have suffered or are suffering. We can't see this illness, and those who suffer often do so in silence and/ or with a smile on their face to hide the pain they are living. They rarely give you notice that they are suffering and you may only learn that they have the disease after it's too late to help. 

Please, for the love of all that is right, treat mental illness with the same acknowledgement as you do any other disease. We are losing far to many, by not providing treatments to all who need it.