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Premier Berejiklian review harsh changes to workers compensation victims

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In 2000 my girlfriend Lisa was asked by her government employer to travel in her own vehicle to do a coarse. In so doing Lisa was forced to stop on a freeway - speed limit 110klms/hr - due to traffic. Unfortunately the driver behind didn't. Lisa sustained severe whiplash. This has developed over a 17 year period into neck and shoulder tears, pertruding disks, lower backpain and loss of strength in her arms. Lisa's condition means that repititive work causes her pain and seizes up almost to the point of temporary paralization. Her work hours and duties were reduced until they retired her medically unfit in 2014 with the promise of ongoing compensation payments until retirement and access to her superannuation. This will stop 18/12/17 right on Christmas - Merry Christmas. This leaves Lisa trying to find employment with injuries that make the prospects near impossible or as suggested, join the queue at Centrelink - which might I say would only shift tbe bill from the insurer to the Australian taxpayer. 

The new assessment criteria is too harsh with new levels of assessment ie 21% permanent disablement too high for people that suffer pain from repetition or duration of hours spent at work. The assessment process is inaccurate with the tasks your asked to perform in no way represent a working day. Further more your often not assessed by a Doctor that has anything to do with the area of injury.

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