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Premier Baird: Over 400 dogs could be killed – please urgently intervene!

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Premier Baird,

The fate of dogs at two separate New South Wales puppy factories rests in your hands. 

Late last year, a puppy factory in Inverell was ordered to shut down after 110,000+ people signed a petition calling for it to close - and, as we informed you, under NSW law, the owner can do whatever he likes with these poor dogs. We called on you for intervention, and now we need it more than ever.

In April 2015, the Oscar’s Law team investigated another puppy factory in Pindaroi, NSW operating illegally without Council approval. The team discovered shocking neglect and cruelty to the dogs on the property including rat-infested dilapidated pens with sharp nails, exposed fencing wire, and faeces covered dirt floors, filthy water (in some cases green) and no bedding supplied to any of the dogs, as well as a newly born litter of puppies lying between a wall cavity with no whelping box or bedding.

Following our investigation, 16 dogs were surrendered suffering severe veterinary issues including mammary tumours, infected ears, rotten teeth, deformed feet and eye infections. The RSPCA issued the puppy factory a ‘notice to comply’ with the Code of Practice (the legislation governing how dog breeding businesses must operate).

On 25 January this year, a joint investigation by Oscar’s Law, Animal Liberation NSW and Animal Liberation Queensland revealed absolutely nothing on the puppy farm had changed.  The owners have continued to breach the Code of Practice, keeping 100 dogs in conditions of squalid abuse without a permit.  They have also continued to sell puppies online making thousands of dollars of tax-free income.

The puppy farmer has now claimed they’re closing down.

Mr Baird, there are now two NSW puppy factories which are soon to cease operation. In Victoria this would be fantastic news, but in NSW, under current legislation the RSPCA are not empowered to seize the dogs and their fate lies in the hands of the puppy farmers.

There's a good chance they could sell them to other cruel puppy factories, relocate to continue the business at an unknown location, or take a gun and shoot every dog. These long-suffering animals are now at the mercy of owners who have made a living out of showing no such mercy. It's a devastating legal loophole that needs to be closed.

Premier Baird: these dogs are in limbo and in danger. The public demand that you urgently amend the Companion Animals Act 1998 to empower authorities to seize dogs from unregistered, non compliant puppy factories.

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