This petition demands to take back the decision of ‘Fee Hike’.

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Students attending National Institute of Fashion Technology are indeed receiving what could be considered India’s best designing experience. The problem is, that they are not receiving an education and facilities worthy of the outrageous amount of money that it currently costs to attend NIFT.

Perhaps, if the corporate culture adopted by the Board of Governors of NIFT, ceased to treat NIFT students as consumers, it might be possible for a greater number of students graduating yearly to actually find campus placements and better jobs. Instead of squeezing money from students they need to educate us.  

Students are borrowing more and more money every year through various banks as student loan to pay for college expenses that are needlessly driven upwards and onwards by management who are incapable in capital management.

NIFT says its vision is to “emerge as a center of excellence and innovation proactively catalyzing growth of fashion business through leadership in professional education with concern for social and human values” but after the approval of 19th BOG meeting held on 13-2-2013, when the student fee structure has been revised and raised up to 42.37%  [from 44250 INR to 63000 INR (for old students)] including all the non refundable expenses which is to be implemented from the academic year 2013-14 onwards. The Vision seems to be deemed. As most of the excellent and innovative brains at NIFT is from middle class economic background, they would not be capable to pay 75500 INR /semester (for new students).


As a matter of fact, this increase is part of a systematic increase in tuition fees for the past few years. And as per decision of Finance & Audit Committee Meeting held on 28.09.2012, the Tuition Fee will be increased by a minimum of 10% every year. How can it be justified to increase it up to 42.37% and the revised fee structure will be applicable to all the students including the old students too.


By increasing semester fee exorbitantly, NIFT is only widening the economic gap, which will have serious ramification for students. Students at NIFT already bear heavy stationary and added expenses, which put student in miserable condition.


We NIFTians are the most valuable assets that exist within this Fashion Industry. Therefore, it should be the number one priority to fully subsidize the higher education of students attending NIFT. This should be achieved not only by removing existing finance management system but efficient utilization of the tuition fees into the favor of student’s welfare and facilities enhancements.

Such a dysfunctional and damaging situation currently in existence at NIFT is untenable, unethical, inhumane and immoral that cannot be allowed to continue. This petition therefore demands to take back the decision of ‘Fee Hike’ for existing students.

Students of National Institute of Fashion Technology demand better.

Support NIFT Students.


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