Preger Entertainment: Give Us VA: FrostBite The Movie

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Preger Entertainment: Give Us VA: FrostBite The Movie

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As a fan of the Vampire Academy books for years, I was so happy to hear that they were making VA into a movie. I am starting this petition to show everyone, the critics, directors and whomever else, that the movie was NOT a bust to us, the true VA fans, and we want the sequels. We know that the movie would be huge, if they had different advertising and didn't make it seem..well like Mean Girls or other teenage girly type movies. Because Vampire Academy is completely different from any other movie, It's about best friends, who share a very special bond and have to protect each other through so many obstacles in life and so much more. This is very important to me and all the other VA fans, it's something that we need. I think that if we can get everyone to just go and see the movie, then we wouldn't have any issues about whether or not we are going to get a second movie, because the movie is amazing and if people would just give it a chance and go see it, they would not be disappointed. For us, the VA family, this means everything to us, we want to see what they would do with the other characters, and the story line and everything else. We are just huge fans, and we want to see this amazing movie become the next "Big Thing". Twilight was very low budget, the first movie, but then it blew up and now look at it. But this is NOT Twilight, by any means, it's completely different. And I believe that with the right advertising, it would make it and everyone else in the world would love it as much as VA fans. Please help us get our movie. Imagine your favorite movie series, now imagine that after the first may not have a second or third one, etc. So please just take the 5 seconds to sign this petition and help me and the VA fan family get our favorite movie series. Thank You, for taking the time to read this.

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