Justice For Joāo Pedro

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Help João Pedro's family to get up

João Pedro's death could have been prevented if structural racism did not exist and if the police had done their job – instead of acting like in a horror movie scene, taking an innocent life as a result.

Now, João Pedro's family needs help to move on, to be able to buy a house elsewhere, to continue their lives and raise João Pedro's sister in peace.

This change means a chance for them to create new memories and leave a traumatic location. Even though fear and infinite sadness remain in their lives forever for the irreplaceable loss of their beloved son João Pedro, they need to seek healing and shelter elsewhere to move on.

Therefore, Rafaela Matos, João Pedro's mother, created an online financing campaign to seek help and raise the family.

If you can support this family in any way, click this link:


Thank you!

Nico S
3 weeks ago