Decision Maker Response

Ministério Público do Rio de Janeiro’s response

Sep 30, 2020 — Response from the Public Prosecution Service of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The Public Security Specialized Action Group (GAESP/MPRJ) clarifies that there is a Criminal Investigation Procedure going on and João Pedro's relatives and all witnesses to the fact have already been heard. At this moment, the federal police officers who participated in the operation are being heard. The group points out that it will monitor, with its own technical staff, the simulated reproduction of the facts to be designated by the PCERJ in the police investigation records of the Homicide Police Station. The Public Security Specialized Action Group reaffirms that it is taking all measures and making every effort so that the investigation complies with the dictates of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and that the facts are fully clarified in the best interest of truth and justice.