Purvanchal Royal City - Maintenance Issue

Purvanchal Royal City - Maintenance Issue

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PRC Residents started this petition to prcresidentsgroup@gmail.com

Dear Residents,

As you must be aware by now that PRC management has communicated and placed their demand for maintenance charges for FY 2020-21. Apparently, the charges for maintenance has been retained as the previous year. This petition intends to communicate a collective voice of the owners and / or residents before the PRC management that the present demand for maintenance charges is untimely, unreasonable and unjustified and needs to be set aside / withdrawn till the time the present COVID pandemic is mitigated. It was only fair to expect that the PRC management to have consulted the residents / owners while determining such charges and presenting demand for the same.

While all owners are contractually bound to pay maintenance charges to PRC the present demand requires to be withdrawn / set aside and re-determined at a later date due to various reasons some of which are:

·         Due to the present lockdown, maintenance activities in PRC, at least in the first quarter is very minimal and consequently, the expense being borne by PRC is just a fraction of what it would other have to bear, under business as usual scenario.

·         PRC resident have been representing before the PRC management with a list of deficiencies in maintenance and security related services. Several meeting have also taken place between both parties. While some issues have been addressed to some extent by PRC management, most of these issues remain unresolved. Owners of PRC have paid the highest per sq feet maintenance charges (among all societies in greater Noida) and yet services received and quality of the same has been totally unacceptable which is at all commensurate with the exorbitant maintenance charges recovered from residents during the previous FY.

·         The total demand for maintenance also includes separate charges for club house maintenance. This seems quite unreasonable considering the fact that no facility at the club house has been commenced except the GYM and swimming pool. Moreover, a substantial portion of the club house is being used by PRC for their sales and marketing activities. Lastly, the club house has been made operational only in the last 6 months therefore seeking maintenance for the entire year is unjust and unreasonable.

·         PRC management has appointed a separate company for carrying on maintenance during FY 2020-21. Although it has been indicated that this appointed company is owned by PRC, no further details have been provided. Owners / residents are quite in the dark about ownership of this organization, its official registered address, the details of its key management personnel and most importantly its technical competence in managing the entire gamut of maintenance services in the society. Without such details, owners cannot be expected to make payment just on blind faith.  

To appraise all owner is greater detail, following are the issues which have been discussed with PRC management and is yet remain unresolved:


Maintenance & Security:

·         Security was seriously compromised, security agency hired was inefficient not at par with what we have been charged in its name. While they thanked us for our suggestions, on other hand changed the security agency suddenly without following the protocol, did it unilaterally for the worse. The new security guards are further more inefficient and untrained.

·         Towers in its very first year has visible cracks and excessive seepage. PRC has been more focussed in carrying construction work in phase -2 towers, ignoring the repair work required in phase I apartments.

·         Poor quality of Tile work, Improper slopes to name a few.

·         It’s been almost been a year that they have not been able to stop unauthorised entries in PRC. There was a police case filed against the security and Estate office as well.

·         Another year gone by and PRC estate office not able to resolve the mobile tower issues and residents continue to face connectivity and especially during the covid-19 lockdown and people working home  it has become a major challenge now.

Club House and Community Facilities:

·         All amenities/facilities promise are not yet operational such as mini theatre, restaurant etc.

·         They have shifted your marketing office to Club without residents consent, which is a serious security concern, nuisance and unfair.

·         Club party hall is being let to outsiders which is fraudulent practice and may attract action under section 405 of the Indian Penal Code.

·         The club house has been closed since March 2020 and continues to be non-operational till date due to lockdown and shall remain further too. How can you levy charges for its services for this period? This is very serious and amounts to attract section 420.

Some other outstanding issues are:

Bio Metrics Installation not completed - Testing done since August last year but no progress

Tenants being provided flats without sufficient checks and against the agreed norms. - Bachelors with occupancy of 4 in each flat given with access to all amnesties and no control. 

PRC Estate office failed to put any controls on the implied policies and procedures.
- Flowed pots on ledges, Incorrect parking, Misuse of property to name a few.

Poor construction quality – Cracks in building, Water seepage to name a few not being addressed.
Housekeeping and other maintenance service inconsistent.
No Transference in information shared on charges levied by Estate office.
A detailed list of 28 such issues that required urgent action at PRC management’s end was shared and acknowledged by PRC Estate office along with mutually agreed timelines for resolution. All these issues remain to be addressed so far.

Lastly they have mentioned delay penality @18% after due date which is 15th May 2020 while our district is under lockdown till 17th may 2020. Levy of such late payment penalty is outright inhumane and also possible illegal consider the force-majeure conditions prevailing today. PRC management ought to have taken in to consideration that apex government regulators like RBI has extended and relaxed payment of all term loans till the end of the epidemic considering the financial hardships of the common man. However, in complete disregard of the present crisis, PRC management intends to penalize owners who do not agree to their unreasonable demand.

In view of the above, we collectively, present below our clear list of demand and prayer:

·         Withdraw the present demand for all / entire maintenance charges for all residents till the time the present lock down is withdrawn by the Government. PRC owners will not be paying any maintenance charges till such time.

·         Maintain status-quo with respect to all maintenance services being provided presently till the present lockdown is withdrawn by the Government.

·         Draw up a clear statement of accounts, audited by a certified statutory auditor clearly certifying total maintenance charges collected during the previous FY and expenses incurred under various heads of maintenance for the same period. Also indicate total surplus available in the maintenance fund being maintained by PRC. Provide a copy of this audited statement of accounts to all present owners of PRC.

·         Once the present lockdown has been completely withdrawn and outstanding issues being resolved, PRC management to consult with collective body of owners to re-determine maintenance charges for the present FY which would be fair, just and transparent to both parties and also jointly decide up on a payment schedule for the same.

Thanking you

With warm regards

PRC Residents.

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