To PRC Preisdent Xi: Boycott China Economy for Liu Xia’s Freedom and Justice 為中國人之自由抵制中共經濟

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Dear Mr Xi Jinping, Head of People’s Republic of China (PRC),

We are a group of Chinese and non-Chinese who believe that the well-being of each human relies on mutual respect and care while tyranny destroys humankind totally. With kind intention, we send this appeal letter to you for expressing our requests below and earnestly demand the realization of these requests.      

We care for Chinese people’s well-being, but a multitude of citizens in Mainland China are now suffering from maltreatment, which is mainly due to lack of open and fair judiciary and checks-and-balance systems on the people in power in China. Those people being maltreated are simply fighting for their lawful rights against unfair treatment and oppression. But then they are locked up, stripped of freedom, physically assaulted and even killed.    

Some are deprived of freedom without committing any illegal crimes.  An example is Ms Liu Xia, the wife of the late Chinese political reform advocate Mr Liu Xiaobo. Liu Xia has been confined for eight years and is now suffering from serious depression and bad health.  You and your government has not approved her request for going abroad for medical treatment. If she gets her life ruined one day because of the torture imposed by your government, the sin of innocent blood will come forth onto you and your people.

We hereby make the following requests:

1. Immediately release Liu Xia and allow her to go abroad for medical treatment.

2. Immediately release all rights defenders who are now detained or confined in Mainland China

Should the above appeals be rejected, you and your government are committing crimes against humanity, and that also proves your pledge made in your speech delivered in China’s National People’s Congress on 20 March 2018 to be a sheer lie which is: “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has all along been putting our people at a top priority, has all along been serving our people with all our heart and mind, has all along been working diligently for our people’s interests and well-being.” This is because on the contrary of what you stated, you and your government are treating your people as enemy by bullying them, and thus you and your PRC is dishonored and disqualified to implement your global policy of “building a community of shared future of humankind” when you and your PRC are utterly anti-humanity.  The world will become a place of disasters should your such global policy be materialized.  

Thus we start from now on the following actions to boycott PRC economy until Liu Xia is set free to leave China for health improvement and all rights defenders in Mainland China are set free to lead a life in dignity.

1. Withdraw all deposits from banks of China capital and terminate the bank accounts.

2. Stop consuming China products and services.

3. Stop tourist activities in China.

4. Boycott financial securities of China capital.

5. Sell out all RMB (China currency) at hand and make no purchase of it until the above requests are realized.

6. Boycott the “Belt and Road" Initiatives and all related economic activities.

7. Recommend others to join this campaign.









1. 立即釋放劉霞,准予她出國治病。

2. 立即釋放所有維權律師及維權人士。

若上述訴求遭拒,則你和你領導的政府就干犯了「危害人類罪」(Crimes Against Humanity),亦證明你在2018年3月20日許下的這個諾言實是謊話:「中華人民共和國始終要把人民放在心中最高的位置,始終全心全意為人民服務,始終為人民利益和幸福而努力工作。」(中共十三屆全國人大一次會議閉幕會上習近平講話,2018年3月20日)這是因為你和你的政府暴虐人民,與人民為敵。你和中華人民共和國政府亦不配談論和推行「構建人類命運共同體」的外交政策,因為你們反人類,對追求公義公正的人民施暴,由你們構建全世界人類共同體就會把整個人類群體推向災難深淵。


1. 提取放存在中資銀行的所有存款,結束戶口。

2. 罷買中國產品及服務。

3. 不到中國境內旅遊。

4. 罷買中共紅色資本股票及證券。

5. 沽出所有人民幣存款。

6. 杯葛所有「一帶一路」的投資及經濟活動。

7. 呼籲他人加入此抵制行列。









1. 立即释放刘霞,准予她出国治病。

2. 立即释放所有维权律师及维权人士。

若上述要求遭拒,则你和你领导的政府就干犯了「危害人类罪」(Crimes Against Humanity),亦证明你在2018年3月20日许下的这个诺言实是谎话:「中华人民共和国始终要把人民放在心中最高的位置,始终全心全意为人民服务,始终为人民利益和幸福而努力工作。」(中共十三届全国人大一次会议闭幕会上习近平讲话,2018年3月20日)这是因为你和你的政府暴虐人民,与人民为敌。你和中华人民共和国政府亦不配谈论和推行「构建人类命运共同体」的外交政策,因为你们反人类,对追求公义公正的人民施暴,由你们构建全世界人类共同体就会把整个人类群体推向灾难深渊。


1. 提取放存在中资银行的所有存款,结束户口。

2. 罢买中国产品及服务。

3. 不到中国境内旅游。

4. 罢买中共红色资本股票及证券。

5. 沽出所有人民币存款。

6. 抵制所有「一带一路」的投资及经济活动。

7. 呼吁他人加入此抵制行列。