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Immediate action and Update on closure of child abuse cases

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A recent news on Child abuse in a so called Posh school has made the headlines in news again!

We are living along with beasts all around us. Humanity has come to an end for some. It is time that we say enough is enough, take charge and protect our kids. Are we really capable of doing anything? I seriously wonder. We pay hefty fees to these schools thinking that our kids are in safe hands and still feel helpless. The Schools, Police and Government has failed miserably to provide safety to our kids. We do not have a way to track what happens to those criminals after all. The culprits go free so easily. Who knows they are hired again by some other school.

In recent past, there has been considerable number of cases of child abuse that have been reported. As soon as the news breaks, it is flashed on all TV channels, newspapers, social media and what not. We follow it religiously for couple of days, complain about the situation, sympathize with the victim and then soon after, it dies down. We wake up again when the next such big news hits the floor.

It is time that we put our foot down and demand for what we really deserve - Safety for our kids. It is not rocket science. The solution is simple - Stricter laws by Government, immediate and quick actions by Police, severe punishment for the culprit and a mass boycott of such fancy schools by all.

The issue is that we hardly get to know what happens to these cases. They make headlines for a few days and as time passes by, the news loses its charm and dies down. We need regular updates by the Police on their site so that it can be tracked and brought to closure.  

This petition is to demand

1. faster closure of cases related to child abuse - there must be some turnaround time for closure

2. update on the actions taken and progress status on the website for us to track

3. culprit's photo should also be made available along with

4. A signed contract between the parents and the schools mentioning that they are responsible for the safety of our kids in school.

This petition is for the sake of safety of our kids and our commitment to give them a safe environment. Let us show solidarity and sign this petition to draw attention of  the  Police and the Government towards this.

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