PrattMWP Housing Concern

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Recently, current freshmen at PrattMWP were informed that next year, many of the incoming students would get a majority of the housing typically reserved for sophomores. We also learned that the next incoming class will be larger, and as a result, the school will begin putting more students in dorm rooms. We, the class of PrattMWP 2019, ask this: 

  1. We would like the number of sophomore rooms in the Plant and Cottage dormitories for this upcoming school year to be around the same number it was this year, not drastically less. We understand that there is a concern with the connection between freshman and sophomore students, but we believe that this change will not help. Many of the few freshmen living in Cottage and Plant do not feel closer to their sophomore students than those living in Hart do. Most friend groups are based upon who we have classes with, not who we're neighbors with. We're open to any other solutions to this concern. President of the programming board, Colette Bernard, is already planning events that will help freshmen and sophomores to get to know each other. 
  2. If PrattMWP is going to increase class size and put more students in rooms, we would like the option of living off campus. It is unfair for us to be forced to pay more to live in a smaller, more cramped space than it would be for us to live on our own. Putting more people in rooms will make it harder for us to be productive, and it will make it easier for illnesses to spread. The majority of colleges allow students to live off campus, and we cannot think of a good reason why we should be denied this right. 
  3. We also would like to address the fact that many maintenance issues we have reported are frequently ignored and can take up to months to be fixed, such as mold in Plant, broken washer and driers in all dorms, etc. As students who pay tuition, we deserve a safe and healthy environment, and we deserve the utilities covered in our housing fees. 

We hope that PrattMWP can acknowledge our concerns and reason a solution with us. Many of us enjoy attending school here and we would hate to lose that enjoyment. 


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