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Education about depression is necessity

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         Many of us cannot understand or recognize symptoms or mental illnesses,even if do,we do not know what to do or how to go about it. Unhealthy relationships with parents means youngsters end up hiding their mental condition from them, for fear of judgement and mockery. And if they say so but due to lack of knowledge about the subject depression, most of the time parents are not able to understand the child's situation. So,patients are scared and confused to speak out-It becomes a vicious circle. 

         Depression is a cancer that eats away at our humanity. It is a process of negative think,mood,and behavior that very early on becomes self perpetuating. Modern times is especially a dangerous time for those with depression. We live in a time where people are more emotionally distant and judgmental. Even our families are mentally strained themselves, exhausted and irritable by the hubbub of modern life. If they think to help but it is hard for common people to handle this situation. Because help should never come in the form of unsupportiveness, judgement and negative emotion. Those trying to help have to check  themselves because we can tell without being told if we are being judgmental and unsupportive. 

         It is hard for us to understand them because most of us think depression or mental illness is taboo. But I must tell them all that nowadays depression or mental  illnesses are too common.- A study conducted by the national commission on macroeconomics and health in 2005 reported that nearly 5% of India's population suffers from common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. there is nothing to ashamed of it. We should understand the person. He/she is going through really very difficult time of their life we should understand them and help them to get out of this. So, education about depression is necessity to understand our loved ones.

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