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Indian communists must condemn mass murderers Joseph Stalin and Bashar al-Assad

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Sub: Please apologize for Communist crimes against minorities in Syria, Soviet Russia, Central Asia and all over the world

Dear Sir/Madam,

 With immense pain, I want to draw your attention to intellectual hypocrisy and double standard by you and your party and its affiliated intellectuals, artists and leaders. While you and your followers champion minority rights in India, your complete silence on various crimes against minorities in Russia and elsewhere reveal shallowness of your political understanding and its being dictated by Russian imperialist ambitions to replace the American imperialism. 

1.      You and your party should show the courage to condemn the mass killing, expulsion and torture of more than two million Chechen, Ingush, Crimean Tatars, Tajiks, Bashkirs and Kazaks, Crimea during the terror reign of Jospeh Stalin, whose big portraits your followers proudly hang in their drawing rooms, with no shame indeed. Your communist leader Joseph Stalin in 1932 sent Commissars V. Molotov and Lazar Kaganovitch and NKVD secret police chief Genrikh Yagoda to carried out 10,000 executions every week.

2.      We demand that you order all your followers to stop hanging the portrait of Stalin, the butcher of minorities in Soviet Russia.

3.      Your party has conveniently avoided speaking against Bashar al Assad and his crimes against minorities, whom your party writer Yohannan Chemarapally      thinks, enjoy massive support of the Syrian people.

4.      You and your intellectuals dominating the Indian media space have been engaged in systematic misinformation and propaganda campaign against the genuine Syrian uprising and linking it with Saudi Wahabism and Islamic terrorism, in order to appease India’s growing right wing populace.

5.      Some of journalist closely linked with your party have also visited Syria on Bashar al Assad’s invitation and have been using their journalistic positions to malign the historic Arab uprising which was and is an historic social process to empower the decades long powerless people of the Arab world.

6.      You and your party has been silent or supportive to the military coup staged by Al Sisi against an elected government and a prominent communist thinker Samir Amin was the first to welcome the coup, in his shameless statement.

7.      Your media reports say that you have held meetings with Kurdish separatist groups from Turkey and you had an opportunity to ask them why their so called socialist and Marxist Kurdish movement need military support and training from imperialist America and Zionist Israel. Do you endorse that a socialist militant group can take American weapons in Turkey but it will oppose Americans elsewhere.

8.      Newspapers and web portals having deep sympathy with Bashar al Assad and his criminal Bathist regime, including the Hindu, the Citizen, The Wire, People’s Democracy, Economic and Political Review (EPW) and those who claim to be independent have remained silent or supportive to Bashar al Assad’s crimes against humanity and Iran supported terrorist killing innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq.

9.      Making a complete unholy alliance now, your party members, so called intellectuals and academicians making an alliance with the US based and CIA supported Fethullah Gulen network, accused of plotting against an elected government. Similarly, your party and your intellectuals have also been aligning with many Iranian extremists Mullahs and their sympathizers who are openly advocating sectarian war in Syria and Iraq. Do you take your position on religious politics according to your political convenience or a principle position, as you are supposed to.  When will your party and your supportive media start condemning the Chinese Ban on religious activities in its Eastern Province Xinjiang?

10.  We demand that you immediately issue a general appeal to your followers to stop sympathizing with the mass murderer Jospeh Stalin and stop hanging his portraits from their offices. Please also ask your intellectuals and academicians to sufficiently condemn the mass murderer Bashar al Assad for his most obvious and known crimes against humanity. Please also ask your intellectuals to stop appeasing Hindu right wing forces for their political convenience.

Thanks you very much

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