Question paper of JEE Mains must be same all over India for fair competition!!!

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JEE Mains 2018 was  conducted once but five different question  papers were made i.e. 8/4/18 -offline mode; 15/4/18 &16/4/18 - online mode 2 shifts per day!!

This provided an edge to examinees who gave their paper on 16/4/18 as it was far easy than that of other two dates, while paper on 15/4/18 was quite difficult.

But a single rank list was created in a combined manner for all the above paper on the basis of marks!!

According  to NTA ,this year also it gonna happen but at even high level.. They said each paper will be held on 6 different  dates!!

Is this equality?

Should  hardest Paper in India have unequal competition??

So I want to put forward a concept of single paper at single time & at a single date ..

Eventhough NTA is taking paper twice this year but it should not be on different dates.

If you think I am right anywhere, please sign this petition.




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