Our system failed and they again played with our future #CBSE10thLEAK

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Yet again we got to pay the price of democracy and corruption/filth in the society won ..we the students had no stone unturned for practicing in the Maths paper and now they order us to give it again .is it a joke can't your Great CBSE (which isn't gr8) can figure out something else ..we don't want to get that TIFF and tension again .Give us above average and Grace marks on the basis of today's answersheets WE DEMAND AN ALTERNATIVE!!! WE DONT WANT THAT PAIN IN A SMALL REGION TO SPREAD ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.WE HAVE GIVEN 5 PAPERS EARLIER TOO EVALUATE US ON THAT BASIS OR OTHER BUT WE WON'T GIVE IT AGAIN #WEWILLRETALIATE