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Change the Current System of Education in India

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The current education system in India has been followed for several decades. No doubt that it was created by some intelligent persons but, it has to change.

The current system is only concentrating on marks rather than intelligence. It does not invest in the students, it does not invest more in practical based knowledge but instead it judges a person based on memory based exams and the marks scored, failing to realise that the sheets filled with answers in hope of scoring good will be inevitably a pile of trash after a person has completed his/her education.

Fields like engineering needs practical based knowledge and exams rather than classroom based learning. But sadly, at the end, all everyone cares about is the mark scored by a student rather than how much practical knowledge he/she has gained on the subject.

The need of the hour is to invest in students. The investment has to be made on the interests of children rather than forcing them to study and score good.

We should look forward to countries like Finland, the country with best education system in the world. They have shorter school hours, negligible homeworks, teachers also earn a handsome wage and they have invested in the interests and talents of the students.

This should also be done here. Also the syllabus has to be altered accordingly.

I hereby request the persons concerned to look into it and blend the education system in a way which would not pressurise any student to score good marks but instead make them interested in whatever they are doing, exploit their talents and know their potential. Because it is a known fact that no two human brains are same and hence it should be inevitable that they should not be forced to study a common stream.

I seek all of your support. Please sign this petition and share it so that it may reach people all over India and they realise the importance and the need for this change.

Thank You.

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