Private universities should stop taking so much money from students in the name of Debarr

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It is very difficult for a middle class family to get their children to college, And if they even get admission, then thousands of such tricks are going to rob money from the parents of the students. At the top of the spot, there is a completely defunct Attendance system. In which, For every student to sit in exams, 75% attendance is definitely required in each subject. And if the students do not get it then they are debarred, that means they will not be able to give the exam. 
And almost all private colleges and Universities have a lot of payroll fees. The debarr fee of my university (GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY) is 2300₹ per subject. This amount is too much.  And this year the Institute has taken a new idea to rob students, they started demanding the fees of debarred for the practical examinations as well. Never before had this happened. Which means that they are charging 2300₹ each for both theory & practical classes, That means the debarr fees for one subject is 4600₹
I am the student of Galgotias University, School of Media & Communication, BJMC. There are more than 500 Students in our branch including Bacheclors & Masters Courses, and almost more than 300 students are already debarred & paying 4600₹ per subject. More than 100 students are debrred in more than 4 subjects. The institute is generating a huge amount from the debarr fees in the name of rules & regulations. Every year they make new rules just to rob the students. No one from the university is helping us, they gives us threats daily to supend us and not providing the degree to us.
They are also taking fine of 200₹ per day for not submitting the debarr fees under the deadline.
Like me, 15,000 students are studying in the university, thousands of whom are suffering from this. Most of them are afraid of the threats and not raising their voice against that defunct system.
Through its scheme, the university earns crores of rupees every year.
Such pressure on the side of the university forced the poor children to suicide.
All the students of my university are requested to join us in this struggle. Now the university's arbitrary will not run.

I request justice from the state's concerned Chief Minister Respected Mr. Yogi Adityanath to resolve this matter.
And our Human Resources Development Minister Mr. Prakash Javdekar.

Our Hon. Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi