Include stories of brave armed forces personnel as subjects in schools across India

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This is to inform you that I Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh (s/o Dr. Anand Suman singh ) wish to bring to your notice a matter of national and public importance which is both crucial and covers a larger domain of the public of India directly or Indirectly. I wish to put up the said matter in front of you, being the Guardian of Indian constitution and as per the Advisory jurisdiction ( Art. 143) which you can exercise bringing the same to the notice of the Centre and the concerned ministry as well.

It has been enshrined in the framework of the Indian constitution both in the Directive Principles of State Policy as well as the chapter of Fundamental Duties to uphold and disseminate the Tales and Sagas of the Brave hearts and sons of the soil who laid down their lives for their motherland. The propagation of these tales would be instrumental in both inculcating and educating the youth as well as the teenagers , the future generations of our great country specially if imparted in the form of coursework and subjects ( with credits) along with other academic studies as well.

Few indications which the constitution provides us in this matter are reproduced

1. To defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so (Art. 51A)

2. To uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India (Art. 51A)


As a part of the Fundamental duties insured by the constitution of India a spirit of patriotism and unconditional love for the nation and its prestigious symbols like the national flag, the national emblem as well as the armed forces can be really invoked through tales of men at arms and stories of their indomitable will, limitless courage and passion for the nation. The students of various boards and even central board when taught these inspiring and daunting tales of heroic deeds as part of their curriculum would not only make their learning interesting , but they would come across their elder generations and how facing the most insurmountable odds clinching to emerge out victorious. No telling that these tales at their age group would surely be both an eye opener as well as moment of instillation from within while they would of course idolize and cherish the fine memories they were taught. Also they would be motivated to do things larger than they thought or were confined to , what better way to teach our young generations in their school-going times such invaluable and rare qualities through tales of none other than the ranks of the armed forces and actual men and women in their not so distant past.

Till now the point which I have been trying to highlight would have become very much clear and since the centre and state legislatures both are constantly improving and amending their educational curriculums to meet the requirements of the upcoming times. My humble suggestion which I wish to bring to your notice is that if at secondary and higher secondary level (before under graduation) within the existing curriculum if a specific subject of WAR HEROES, DEFENDERS OF INDIA or likewise is added having similar credits as regular subjects have, the aforesaid personality development and modulation in the thinking of the student would result more or less. Already among the general public the prestige and respect of the armed forces and their work is on a rise, this amendment or inculcation into the syllabus at all board levels would be a most welcome step by all.

Since you have the power to advice and even suggest the national institutions and state as a whole on such matters which carry significance on a pan – India level I thought it best to put up this matter in front of you. If deeming fit to be considered you can raise this issue with the Central government and specifically the Prime minister of India and the Ministry of Human Resource Development as a whole. I specially quoted the given references of the constitution so that the importance and impact of this particular suggestion is highlighted in present times which is in line what the spirit and soul of the constitution upholds in terms of defence and preservation of the nation by infusing and evoking patriotism and passion for our motherland : INDIA.


I thereby conclude putting up this public interest issue for your review and advice and am surely convinced that you would look into this matter with great wisdom, as a citizen whom I believe Hon. Supreme court possesses at all times. [Please respond or revert back with whatever views you arrive at, it would be my pleasure to receive a feedback]

                                                                              Thanking you,

                                                                               Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh

                                                                               Citizen of India