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Increase in unemployment owing to consolidation in Telecom Industry. It has been well known about the turmoil the telecom industry is currently in owing to the JIO pressure and freebies. However the consumers are being benefited out of it but what about the revenue which is taking a hit for all telecom companies. This is not all it is also a well known fact that all telecom companies are now in mode of relieving their employees of their duties. It was in Economic Times that companies like AIRCEL, TATA, IDEA Vodafone are all have either asked some of their employees to resign or are planning to do so in the year 2017. What about these employees, where will they go and what will they do ?

Who will help these people to survive ?

Where can they apply ?

This is a time bomb ticking else days are not far when suicide will be the only option for all such employees.


My request to HRD minister is to kindly look into this scenario and ensure that such employees are not retrenched from their jobs or ensure for their livelihood/survival by offering them government jobs.