Stricter laws for dry and wet waste segregation in India before it's too late

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The Indian government has taken a leaping step towards sustainability by introducing the blue and green garbage bins and garbage trucks with this segregation, all around India, to tackle it's 277 million tonnes of waste produced every year.

A lot of this waste is dumped in landfills and is burnt there, even though the government has attempted to create a much better system. This burning of waste is poisonous gases and carcinogenic chemicals that are inhaled by the people working and living around the landfills. The health of people working there is at high risk and these landfills also release methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. Its devasting effects can be seen by the floods in Assam and the intense Austrialian bush fires. 

So, why are these landfills being made even though the government has invested a large amount of money to produce these bins? This is due to the loopholes in this investment scheme:

1. The public is not aware! People do not know what is dry and wet waste (even though there are billboards around the city, explaining it) and hence do not segregate it. The others who do know of this segregation are ignorant of it.

2. The workers who come to collect the waste in trucks, are not aware of what kind of waste goes in which bin.

3. Since the majority of the population does not segregate waste at home, the minority of people who segregate it, their waste is also combined with the unsegregated waste in the waste-collecting trucks, hence, the efforts made by some people also does not reach to composting or recycling lands. 


India contributes to 13% of the total global waste, and if this is not managed properly, then we will be significantly contributing to the genuine issue of climate change.

Sign this petition to ask the Indian government to make stricter laws regarding waste segregation, like adding penalties and funding more awareness campaigns for waste segregation. Also, educating staff collecting this waste, about this segregation. Otherwise, the money and thought put into this investment won't reach a successful change in the waste management system in India.

Global warming and climate change is a threat looming on this world and has already shown a lot of devasting effects, mass extinction of species being one of them. Let's make India more sustainable!

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