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Petitioning Union Minister for Environment and Forests and climate change Prakash Javadekar

Stop Field trials of GM crops in India

The BJP Government promised that they will safeguard our food. But a few weeks ago, they just did something exactly opposite. 

They approved numerous field trials of several GM crops. Dangerous GM varieties of rice, wheat and many vegetables are slowly being pushed onto all our plates.

I am extremely concerned because Genetically modified food is dangerous. Several studies show that GM food is not safe for us. Yet, our Government has given permission to this to be tested. 

As a father, I am concerned that dangerous GM food might soon find its way to not just mine but my daugther’s plate as well.  That’s why I started a petition on asking the Environment Minster Prakash Javedekar to stop the field trials immediately.

Many people have opposed GM food including experts and even the expert committee set up by the Supreme Court itself. The Parliamentary Committee on Science & Technology have also opposed these field trials. 

Even the Government’s own report shows how field trials of GM food crops are known to contaminate our regular seeds.

This is a fight for the food we eat everyday. Sign my petition and forward this campaign to your friends.

Together we can protect our food by ensuring no GM food field trials are held on our soil. Sign my petition. 




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  • Union Minister for Environment and Forests and climate change
    Prakash Javadekar

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