Revoke MHRD's decision to reduce CBSE Syllabus to half, bring changes in evaluation.

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The government has decided to reduce the syllabus of CBSE by 50% which will be implemented from 2019. The intention to reduce stress among children is something to greatly appreciate ;but it won't change the fact that rote learning is required to pass in annual evaluations.Most importantly, if the portions covered for the upcoming batch would reduce, it would undeniably create a gap in terms of learning gained among students who were part of the current system and students who are going to be administered under the new system from 2019.

I am a student from the humanities stream. I will be appearing for the AISSCE examination which will commence from March 5. I find a lot of students and friends from classes X and XII feeling stressed and pressured to get good marks. This exam will determine our fate in getting into our dream colleges and jobs. Time seems to fly at a fast pace and the reality of dealing with our board exams is making us feel skeptical despite our preparations.

The government should bring in newer measures to change the way evaluations are administered:

1.For instance, students belonging to different streams face the difficulty of different study leave duration prior to the day of examinations. Sometimes students have to face the difficulty of attending exams that fall on consecutive days.

2.Evaluations on subjects like physical education and home science, more weight age should be given for practical exams than theory based evaluations.

3.Make the evaluation procedure transparent to students: If the candidates are shown the copy of their corrected papers, then students especially from class X can analyse their mistakes and perform better in their 12th examination. Students writing compartment exams will also be able to know the mistakes they have done and perhaps perform better in the compartment exams.

4. Establish directives to colleges to conduct entrance examinations after the completion of board exams.


Respected Prime Minister and Minister of HRD,

I admire the measures that the government has taken up to create a stress-free examination situation for students by publishing books like 'Exam Warriors' and hosting talks on ways to reduce exam pressure. I have given my suggestions for what might supplement for the objectives that the honourable government has put forth.

I hope that my concerns will be brought to your notice with the help of supporters who will be signatories to this petition. I request the honourable members of the government to improve the administration of examinations to create a less-stressful situation for students who will be appearing for examinations in future.