Retain normalization of marks for Class 12 CBSE

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The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced their intention to do away with the process of normalization of marks with effect immediately. This comes as a shock to students across the country as many had pinned their hopes on this process to salvage decent marks in the papers that went awry. This sudden decision by the CBSE is rash and irrational, considering the fact that the physics paper was one of the toughest physics papers ever set by the CBSE. Removal of normalization would cause a lot of students to have abysmal scores in comparison to previous years. This would have an adverse affect on the overall percentage of the student. When compared to the exorbitant marks offered by the state boards, removal of normalization would result in a large parity between CBSE students and students of different state boards. These marks largely determine the future prospects of a student. Low marks in class 12 would be a huge dent in the CV of a student.  We request CBSE to retain the normalization procedure as removing it would be equivalent to denying equal opportunities to all students. The CBSE can implement this change from the next academic year with proper planning instead of rushing into it this year.