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Regulate Private School/Transport/Uniform/Books/Stationery Fees in India

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Education is not a privilege. It is a human right.Unfortunately, education has become a business and We all need to stop this!

Every year the private schools all over India are increasing their Fees by 10-15 % and this doesn't stop here, they charge exorbitant fees for the uniform, transportation, books (even include unnecessary books which they never teach from), and stationery to squeeze out some more money from the parents. If this continues at such a rate imagine the scenario after 5-10 years!

Who doesn't want to provide their children "the best" education available out there? You pay such a huge amount to provide the best amenities and a safer environment for your children (which I totally doubt they provide especially after the recent incidents that shocked the entire nation!). A simple Google search will tell you how people in different states are protesting against this issues but no concrete decisions are taken yet. It's time to raise our voice against this loot by the private institutions on your hard-earned money.

And this is why regulation of private schools is needed: Not to take away the autonomy of the schools, or to cut down the facilities being provided by them; but to simply prevent school managements from siphoning of money they receive as fees. Not only should an audit of all private schools be mandatory, but their accounts and fee structures should be put in the public domain. Also, there should be some strict regulations and a governing body for elementary, secondary and higher secondary level to curb the ever-rising school fees to make education affordable to each and every child in this country. 

I hope this will lead us to provide a better education to our children without creating a big (and unnecessary) hole in our pockets.

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