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Regarding very poor Facilities in Institution campus of NIT BHOPAL

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The following petition is aimed to attract your kind attention towards the irresponsible and callous conduct of MANIT administration. Being a college of national importance, it should have greater transparency and credibility but the administration have failed on all stances like academics, student welfare, basic infrastructures and amenities and hostel facilities. But instead of working on above said problems the college administration have adopted tyrannical stand on students.
Process of bike ban in campus, as initiated by MANIT administration is a draconian step that falls short of all logic's due to the following concrete reasons.
MANIT has a widespread campus of 650 acres, which has hilly terrain. So it becomes difficult for students to commute in campus without personalized vehicles. Cycling in a hilly terrain is not a feasible option and as college administration is not providing a concrete alternative (sufficient amount of buses) to bikes for commutation, implementation of such a step would affect student welfare at larger scale.
Due to close proximity to tropic of cancer, Bhopal records very high temperature in summers and high rainfall in monsoon. So as a result it would be impossible to cover such large distances without buses in such a vast campus due to poor roads and lack of shades.
College administration is forcibly dictating bike ban on students by unethical means (detaining students from appearing in the end-term exams).As a result students are struck in such a perpetual state of mental trauma which is worsening day by day.
Due to lack of adequate medical facility such as 24x7 running dispensary, sufficient no. of ambulances, absence of qualified doctors, lack of medical infrastructure the life of students are at stake. These lacks of facilities have forced students to keep their own personal vehicles in order to deal with any mishappening.
Poor street lighting and stray animals makes it very dangerous for pedestals to even cover small distances in night.
Due to pathetic state of academics in college, students are forced to join coaching institutes outside the college campus to succeed in competitive exams and due to poor public transit system in Bhopal, it becomes almost impossible for students to travel such large distances without their own vehicles.
Our hostels are poorly equipped with basic facilities, so the students have to travel all the way out of the campus to avail such facilities. This will become problematic without our personalized vehicles.
The real cause of accidents in the campus is the widespread intoxication's (liquor, marijuana) among the students. Unable to deal with the above crisis administration is trying to garb its inability by forcibly banning the bikes.
The main cause of above mentioned problems is the nonavailability and accessibility of a PERMANENT DIRECTOR in the college for common issues and problems related to welfare of students.

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