Reduction of notice period in Job while resigning

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I am starting this petition with the hope of drawing your kind attention to a issue that is faced by people (like us) working in private sector in India everyday. More often than not, private sector companies in India impose two to three months notice period on employees when they try to switch companies. There are some that have one month notice but they are quickly switching to 2-3 month model fairly quick. This practice is more rampant with Indian IT service Companies.

By imposing this policy, a employer ensures two things :

  1. Any prospective employer will automatically be discouraged to hire someone who can only start after at least 3 months.
  2. Prevents attrition of employees as they can't find enough opportunities outside of the company that would be wiling to wait for them for over 3 months. 

This in turn prevents free movement of labor between different available opportunities for employees and ensures low to average wages for them stuck in these jobs. Its kind of a self churning cycle which a lot folks find difficult to break. This also has a direct impact on the stress levels and work-life balance of a worker.

At a time when countries like US, Mexico, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore and UK enjoy 15 days notice period why does India need to subscribe to 90 days period. Especially when country's nearly 2/3rd population is going to be below 35 years of age by 2020 and be the biggest pool of human resources the world has ever seen !! Even our biggest competitor China has a 30 days notice period.

Hence I would urge you and the ministry to take a note of this less talked about issue and rectify it for good. Even a advisory by ministry instructing Private sector companies to use 30 days notice period model would do some good. I hope.

My most humble hope and request is that parties addressed above would take some accord of the matter.

Thanks and Regards, -

Akshay Sinha