Reconduct CLAT 2018 for all the students.

Reconduct CLAT 2018 for all the students.

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Stav Vats started this petition to Prakash Javadekar and

On 13th May, 2018 CLAT 2018 was conducted for over 50,000 students(turning out to be a nightmare for some due to the technical goof ups).

The aspirants were asked to report at various centres by 1:30. 

The paper timings were 3pm to 5pm. The invigilators asked the aspirants to type their username , password and wait.

At 3pm they told the aspirants to press the submit button and begin their exams. But for some of the aspirants when they pressed the submit buttons they saw that no questions were displayed.

There was nothing they could read on the screen and even the passages were gibrish. To their horror the time countdown had already started. This panicked both the students and the present staff. It took them SEVERAL MINUTES befor realising that the server was low. Then they started switching off the computers. This whole process took 5-20 minutes. Much precious time was lost in an already timely strict paper.

One should note that this happened with half of the students and not all. That means for others the questions were readable from the start.

This is the major problem as due to this half of the students were at a disadvantage while the other half with the time advantage which will surely result in the unjust rankings of the students.

There were several other technical issues too with instance like screen lagging, unresponsive,frozen.etc. The only way to solve this was restart the pc everytime.

The above incident happened at ART Online Infotech,near Parle Godown, Sitapur Road, Lucknow. But similar cases are being reported from all parts of the country.

Being the most important national level exam for law institutes these problems are unacceptable. Thousands of students lives depend on this paper. And with the unjust  result several student's hard work will go waste, also wasting their whole year.

Thus to save the future of thousands of students from the mismanagement of CLAT conducting authorities and NUALS Kochi the CLAT 2018 exam should be reconducted for all the students.

The management and respective authorities should understand the value of 10-20 minutes for an aspirant who has to attempt the whole paper in just 120 minutes. This disadvantage for certain students could make them lose their fav NLU or even all the NLUs.

Reconducting the exam will be the only way to ensure justice for all the students who worked really hard for a year or two but suffered due to the mismanagement.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!