place for people who deserve: change Indian testing system

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Seats in premier education institution should be based on the interest of the student and about their accomplishments in that particular fields not on based on how many formulas he/she can memorize

there are two boys:
A-who has been programming since he was 14 and very much in love with what he is doing

B-who was put in a coaching institute where they  made him  to memorize  the same thing again and again for 2 years

guess who'll get computer science major in a iit? B

this why India can't innovate, we aren't going to have companies like google are tesla, if people in premier institutions  are focused how they could  get a job on flipkart

if people who are genuinely interested in the their field of study are given the same resources available at these institutes, India will be much better

china and USA are competing to be world's superpower in AI, but  in India, people who are capable of making India a superpower isn't  given any  chances

not only for computer science, in all the branches of studies, so many times people who study majors like electric and mechanical engineering in these premier institutes end up taking IT jobs  , its that their fault? no, its because they where put into something which they don't even like.

and its such a waste of tax-payers' money which could have been used in nation's development. if these were given to people who really has a passion for what they're doing India would have been a much better place.

think like this you have $10000, there are 1000people, you chose 100 people to give $100 each and the return you're getting $10 from everyone, how long can you go?

instead you have to pick people who can give 10x or even 100x of you're investment, those people are those who innovate and bring new technologies to life.

And the commercialization of these test because of the coaching has lead to killing of creativity in children and in so many so called coaching institutes make children study 14+ hours so much stress  up to a point where they take their own lives.

This has to stop!

in the age of automation and AI, we can't sustain a country without innovation!

we need a educational reform now! not in 5 years or 15years! when everything has gone out of hand! we want it now!

India is a country full of young beautiful minds, lets not waste them. lets give those who deserve a chance to those who can contribute in the development of the country.